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Neapolitan and romana pizzas

Pizza is one of the special dishes from La Piccola Napoli that is most requested by customers. The owner Luigi 'Gigi' Borrelli is a Neapolitan pizza chef, but not only offers the classic Neapolitan pizza, but also the Romana pizza too. These two completely different pizza styles, celebrate Italy's gastronomic identity, and also the country’s worldwide symbol, the pizza. These two styles of pizza,may be simple in appearance, butit is hard to find them well-made.

The neapolitan pizzeria in Mondovì, La Piccola Napoli, offers a great selection of wood-fired oven pizzas. The sausage and vegetable pizza is the house speciality, but we also offer pizza with Nutella and pizza made from wholemeal dough.Furthermore, every Thursday, guests can enjoythe Giro pizza for just 15 Euros, including a regular soft drink.
The restaurant offers a wide variety of pizzas, in order to satisfy all customer’s tastes. As per tradition, customers canpick their own ingredients for their pizza. The restaurant offers a wide range of ingredients, to provide a diverse menu to the customers.
Within Italian cuisine, the pizza is loved by everyone and some people are so crazy about its goodness. Besides the classicNeapolitan pizza and the delicious Romana pizza, the adapted traditional dishes are also worthy of note. The dishes are based on the popular Italian traditions but also add something new in order to delight, and even amaze the customers, convincing them to returnand recommend the restaurant to others.

Neapolitan pizza
The neapolitan and romana pizzas are two great performers on the national stage. But how do they differ? It should be notedthat for all Neapolitans andpeople who live in the region of Campania, there is no other pizza. The Neapolitan pizza has a thick, doughy consistency, with a soft crust, which means it cannot be torn into equal slices when you pick it up. The unique characteristics of the Neapolitan pizza are created by the type of dough usedand method of cooking. A detailed recipe andcooking instructions must be followed and fresh ingredients used in order to achieve the correct taste. According to the recipe, the doughfor a Neapolitan pizza can contain between 60% and 70% water per kilogram of flour. The water in the well-hydrated dough is the secret to keepingit soft during cooking, creating a perfect, light pizza thatmelts in the mouth with every bite. Contrary to what one might think, the Neapolitan pizza is not easy to make and everymistake is severely paid for.For example, if the dough is not allowed to rest properly, the gluten becomes too tough and the pizza ends up rubbery. But if the timings are strictly followed, as they are at the neapolitan pizzeria in Mondovì, the pizza will melt in your mouth.

Romana pizza
Known as a thin-crust pizza due to its crunchiness, the Romana pizza style has spread throughout the capital. The round dough weighs less than the Neapolitan pizza, asit is rolled finely and then baked at a temperature of around 350°C in a wood-fired oven,to dry it out completely, making it crisp and crunchy. The dough of the thin-crust pizza contains a maximum of 55% water per kilogram of flour. To make the pizza crisp, once cooked, vegetable oil is added to the dough. The dough is then rolled by hand and with a rolling pin to makelarge, thin circles. It can then be baked for up to 3 minutes to allow the wood-fired oven to produce the typical Romana pizza crunchiness.
The baking of the pizza is the most important part, as it is vital not to allow the dough to burn excessively. The thinner the dough is, the greater the risk of burning it, if the baking time is not followed properly. TheRomana pizza is not difficult for Luigi 'Gigi' Borrellifrom La Piccola Napoli to make. He can create a light and crispy dough which can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings.

The pizzeria in Mondovì carefully hand-picks each ingredient, from the flour and grains of the dough, which is then left to naturally leaven, whilst constantly being nurtured and controlled,creating a fresh sourdough; to the mozzarella, the tomatoes, the vegetables, olive oil, the herbs and spices, the cured meats the cheeses and the fish used in the toppings. This makes the wood-fire baked pizza at La Piccola Napoli something impossible to find elsewhere. The original recipes and fresh ingredients used at this restaurant create great pizzas. All ingredients that make up the final dish have been carefully selected.

Baking in a wood oven
This type of cooking gives the pizza a more intense flavour. You cannot even compare a pizza bakedin a wood oven with that has been made in any other way (for example in an electric oven). If you have tried both, you will know that crunchiness and perfectflavourare things that cannot be achieved without a wood-firedoven.