in mondovì

Grilled meat and fish dishes

The delicious menu, includes both grilled meat and fish dishes. Locally sourced ingredients are carefully selected and always used as first choice.
Example dishes:

  • Mixed fried fish
  • Carbonara pasta
  • Cold cuts of meat
  • Penne with salmon
  • Steak with rocket and grated cheese
  • Paella
  • Spaghetti with seafood

The restaurant opens at 10.00 am, closed on Mondays.
Payment: cash or card (not American Express).

Working lunch

At lunchtimeLa Piccola Napoli offers the working lunch menu, which includes a first course, a main course, a side dish, ¼ bottle wine or dessert, ½ bottle water and coffee, all for 10 Euros.

Fish specialities

Swordfish, salmon, bream and sardines, are just a few. There are many fish dishes available in both the first and second courses. We also offer a variety of dishes with different shellfish: mussels, clams, sea urchins, shrimp, crab, prawnsand tiger prawns, as well as scallops and squid, which can all be cooked in a variety of ways.

The aim of the fish restaurant in Mondovì isto provide exquisite dishes that combine flavour and convenience. The food also includes carefully selected, traditional yet unique ingredientsadding extra value to the dishes. The result is an excellent fish-based cuisine, offering great tasting dishes at competitive prices. The extensive fishmenu is a daily invitation to try new traditional dishes, created by the owner Luigi 'Gigi' Borrelli, a native of the beautiful Naples.All the dishes are carefully prepared in the kitchen according to Neapolitan tradition. Traditional recipes are adapted by the restaurant chefs whilst maintaining ancient customs and using fresh ingredients. The menu of the fish restaurant in Mondovì, La Piccola Napoli,includes dishes made from raw and cooked fish. Both simple and elaborate recipes, which respect Mediterranean traditions, and include the great taste of freshly caught fish:

  • Raw or cooked fish starters, such as sardine or octopus rolls;
  • Fish or seafood first courses;
  • Hot or cold main courses(mixed fried fish, grilled fish, baked fish and fishsalads).

These are just some of the fish dishes recommended by Luigi 'Gigi' Borrelli. Customers can also alwayschoose from a wide variety of Neapolitan and regionaldishes for their first and the main course. All our fish dishes taste great, as the fish are freshly caught every day.

Peppered mussels
Among the Neapolitan fish specialities that you can try at La Piccola Napoli restaurant in Mondovì, there are dishes such as mussels, clams, anchovies, octopus and sea urchins. These can be added to your pasta dish orjust had by themselves as a starter, such as anchovies, or as your main course. Among the most typical dishes of Campania, peppered mussels is one of the most popular recipes. The dish is suitable eitheras a starteror as a main course. It has a very strong flavour, due to the addition of the pepper.

Fried seafood speciality
It is prepared in small portions and named after the “paranza”, a typical fishing boat used by Italian sailors. The regionaltradition uses cod, mullet, sole, anchovies and some other fishes in the dish. Before frying in hot oil, the fish is covered in flour, and then dried on paper towels. The fried fish is served at the table whilst it is still hot and accompanied by lemon slices.

Salted and dried cod

Although cod is a Nordic fish, it hasalso been widely used in typical Neapolitan and regional cuisine since the sixteenth century. In fact, whilst the Norwegians used the process of naturally drying the cod, in Campania, the fish was soaked in local water (particularly in factories in Somma Vesuvius). According to ancient legend,any product made using the water from the river Sebeto, in SommaVesuviana, which is rich in calcium, magnesium and iron, andholds special qualities, will be a great success.

Grilled meat specialties

You cannot miss out on the grilled steaks and cuts of beef which come from Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale IGP (White Beef from the Central Appennines), which providesLa Piccola Napoliwith meat from male and female cattle, aged between 12 and 24 months, from Chianina, Marchigiana and Romagnola breeds.

The quality of the taste and flavour of the grilledPiedmontesemeat cannot be rivalled. As per tradition, the best red and white Piedmontese meats, provided by our long-standing supplier, is cooked by the chefs in a wood-fired oven and accompanied with seasonal vegetables. We also offer a variety of Piedmontese and regional grilled meats, including:

  • Cold cuts of meat on a bed of rocket
  • Veal steaks
  • Rib-eye Veal steaks
  • Mixed grilled meat
  • Rack of pork ribs

Events and parties

The restaurant, which provides a cosy outdoor terrace, also organises events, especially on Friday nights (karaoke, live music, themed parties etc). The staff will be on hand at all times to help customersto organise their event, create table plans and choose a menu for their event or private party in Mondovì. We will make sure that you dine well, listen to good music and have fun with your partner, family or friends. The restaurant is able to accommodate both public and private events:

  • Birthday parties: you can enjoy a fantastic evening, with a set menu for your guests, music provided and a cake service (upon request).
  • Graduation Party: Mark this important milestone with your close friends. La Piccola Napoli offers its beautiful restaurant and the outside terrace for dinner or lunch with friends and relatives. The menu can be pre-ordered directly with the staff (meat or fish).
  • Business dinners: Our large dining room can also accommodate corporate parties and dinners, business meetings, buffets and cocktails, throughout the year.

We can organise great parties, characterised by our fantastic food, dynamic approach and stylish settingsthat can be createdon demand. For large-scale events, we can also provide complete stagingpackages, decorations, event management and entertainment.